Cadica has always been committed to supporting the environment. We believe that our future is our present. We approach every project with a careful eye on our planet, which is why we are constantly looking for new partners, solutions, materials and techniques. We can offer you a special know-how to design your products with us, knowing that our commitment will guarantee you sustainable and innovative solutions.


Ecoinnovation is our new way of looking at our and your products in a more sustainable and innovative way. Our aim is to offer you a wide range of products centred around this idea.


Our paper materials are predominantly FSC™ certified. We believe in a controlled, traceable and transparent supply chain concerning cellulose-based raw materials. We are constantly working to find new innovative solutions that value other materials to promote upcycling and recycling practices. Our collections include paper hangtags and packaging blended with plant seeds, natural raw materials such as cotton, linen, bamboo and waste retrieved from the food industry. 

Textile Material

Textile products are a cornerstone for Cadica. Our expertise has led us to work with many different raw materials. We can produce labels and textile packaging with natural materials like cotton, or artificial raw materials like polyester and polyamide. Thanks to our GRS certification, we can assure the steps of our supply chain, and with our OEKO-TEX® certification we know we are supplying chemical-safe products to our clients. 


We recognize that leather has a special value. What is considered waste by an industry can be a priceless resource for another one. That is why we rely on the food industry to obtain our leather patches and labels and, when possible, we rely on certified LWG tanneries to ensure excellent product and process chemical standards. This monitoring action is guaranteed also by our OEKO-TEX® LEATHER standard.  


Plastic can be achieved in different forms and qualities. Our proposal can vary from virgin raw materials to recycled and bio-based ones. We rely on manufacturers that are Plastic Second Life certified, which is a certificate compliant with new regulations on plastics. We also purchase bio-based materials, composed of natural contents within our products, like corn, sugarcane, plant leaves, and grapes.   


We keep up with the new tech innovation. We can offer a wide range of products containing NFC and RFID technology. Nowadays, traceability is one of our pillars, and communicating value chains to end users has become crucial. This new technology can be incorporated into our products in a customized way: labels, tags, care labels, packaging and buttons. We can also offer anti-counterfeiting holograms and watermarks to apply to our products. 


Resources are not infinite. A solution is to reuse materials that have been placed through our system to enhance our products. All our product categories can be presented with a recycled feature from both pre- and post-consumer waste: tags, packaging, plastic materials, leather materials, and buttons.  
Recycled content is verified by our certifications (GRS, FSC™ and OEKO-TEX® Recycled).

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