Stone Paper

 To produce  STONE PAPER is not required the use of cellulose, it means that no trees are felled for that.

The raw material is stone quarries waste (calcium carbonate). High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is used in a percentage of 20% as calcium carbonate binder and it is 100% non-toxic or dangerous for environment.


During the production of classic woodpulp paper, various harmful chemicals are used to kill the microbes and bleach the material; STONE PAPER requires none of these chemicals.


No Water is used to produce STONE PAPER.

Paper industries normally uses big quantity of water for the production:  35000 kg of water are needed to produce 1000 kg of paper (note that 2700 kg of water are not recyclable at the end because of chemical substances content).

During the whole STONE PAPER production process, only 15% of energy is necessary in comparison with standard paper production.

CO2 release is 67% less than the standard paper production.

STONE PAPER recycling process is cheaper than the traditional one; here you have a short movie “Simple Show”:

Over than "ecofriendly" topic here below other important features:

Stone Paper is impermeable to water, oils and any liquid.

Even the printing is not altered in case the paper is immersed in water or exposed to atmospheric agents.

Stone Paper is resistant, does not tear or "wrinkle" easily

Stone Paper borders are not sharping

Stone paper is almost fireproof