PERICO-LO CREATIVO Warming up Creativity

Perico-lo Creativo is the name that comes from the game of letters created by the name / surname of our historical Art Director (Perico Loretta), along with her creative and ‘dangerous’ spirit that featured by her way of working and inspiring.

Unfortunately, now we have to talk about Loretta at past because she is no longer with us, however she left in Cadica her strong and indelible artistic, visionary and stimulating spirit. That vibe, allows us to create and inspire our customers (and others) with new projects and products, always following her coherent and distinctive guideline.

Commitment and professionalism together with risk and challenge, were some of Loretta’s dominant characteristics and those whom should be found in each individual. This is the reason why Cadica has chosen to keep this spirit alive, by dedicating her a real project, a warming up creativity named PERICO-LO CREATIVO.

The project will be a recurrence, or better yet a challenge, which will involve schools with young designers and creatives from the world of fashion. According to the kind of school or research that we want to develop, we will choose a different mission: this allows us to enrich ourselves with new ideas and visions, that will be part of our next collections. At the same time we will teach values and methods that our company has learned from its Art Director, keeping them alive and active.

Cadica has always supported projects and initiatives aimed at discovering new talents, giving space to schools and innovative activities. Loretta was always a perfect ambassador for these projects: she held university lectures dedicated to fashion, followed internships and participated at events, always exposing herself spreading the passion for her job.

To store this message into your head, we have created a video that sums up what was the typical day of our Art Director and her unique way of working… In this way we would like to stimulate new talents, passion for creativity, desire to risk and to be influential… in short, a Creative Danger!

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