PERICO-LO CREATIVO – Warming up Creativity EDITION 2020 together with ISKO I-SKOOL

Do you remember the project Perico-lo Creativo?

This project is a recurrence, or better yet a challenge, which will involve schools with young designers and creatives from the world of fashion.

Cadica has always supported projects and initiatives aimed at discovering new talents, giving space to schools and innovative activities. Our historical Art Director, Perico Loretta, inspired the name of this challenge Perico-lo (danger) Creativo (creative), because she was always the main ambassador in these projects and she was really a ‘’reative danger’’.
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This year we open the Perico-Lo Creativo 2020 Edition as sponsor of ISKO I-SKOOL™ through the Denim Webinair “North, East, South, West – connected by one planet”.

ISKO I-SKOOL™ is an out of the box educational project involving some of the most important international fashion school, a talent award for fashion design students in their early career with the aim to stimulate their creativity while learning how to industrialize ideas.

This year’s twenty shortlisted finalists, will take part in a very special version of this educational event; the group will experience a new format of the fully-immersive training which was reinvented on purpose to overcome the difficulties resulting from the delicate international circumstances.

Designers will be working on their world’s citizenship, digging into their roots and approaching different cultures to define and track down the geography of the world connecting them through Responsible Innovation vision.

The Denim Webinar will be available online on Talentlms platform starting from the first week of April 2020, and participants will have to complete all the sessions of this brand-new educational experience in order to move forward in the educational phase.

After the end of I-SKOOL challenge Cadica will choose from the twenty students its Perico-Lo Creativo winner, who will be the designer that has das demonstrated the strongest creativity and personality for our special accessories’ sector.

Cadica winner will be awarded with a real experience inside Cadica Headquarter in Carpi during the collection creation month, giving him/her the opportunity to design, create and following the production with our staff for a special capsule collection for next season!

During these days all the students have received from us the Cadica Smart Box, with inside all they need to know and learn about Denim Trims and Accessories collection.

Stay updated about next step and follow the webinair to discover our Denim Collection for I-SKOOL:

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