Our work

As a result of our staff's experience and know-how and the privileged relationship with our partners, based on ongoing dialogue, our company has always kept up with changing times.

Consulting and services

  • We pay attention to the customer's needs

    We help you understand what you need and how best to achieve it.

  • We create tailored products

    in keeping with your brand.
    At this stage, we focus on creativity and design.

  • Each customer has a single contact person

    We provide personnel with cross-functional skills able to meet all kinds of needs.


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    The exclusive integration among on-line orders, stock and logistics means our customers can focus only on their core business.

  • On-line management of orders

    Access to the on-line catalogue to place orders, including the possibility of visualising the samples created.
    Possibility of directly supplying contractors through the web, with the complete control of the parent company.

  • Customised labels

    Possibility of creating labels with percentages and descriptions, in a very simple way, without any risk of transcription errors and in complete autonomy.

  • On-line distribution system

    Round-the-clock pick-up orders from stock online, 7 days a week.
    Lower stock, distribution and logistics costs.
    Real-time update via e-mail of orders placed.

  • Control and traceability of orders

    Our platform provides total real-time control and traceability of orders.
    Pick-ups of goods and orders can be sent to the most suitable location for the customer.

  • Distribution of products all around the world

    Our offices are located in Europe, Hong Kong, China, Turkey, USA and India.

  • Global production

    Thanks to our production network, we can assist the customer in any place around the world, providing the quality and innovation that have always been a hallmark of our business.

Research and development

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    For Cadica, research represents our added value.
    We create new collections and provide our customers with new ideas on materials, processes and techniques.

  • Cadica - into details - 1

    Search for style

    The collections designed at Cadica are designed to provide customers with our know-how on branding and our vision of the future, by addressing market trends and staying one step ahead of them.

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    Research into manufacturing techniques

    Given the continuous research carried out together with our partners, we can focus on the application of new manufacturing techniques and materials to create innovative products and to introduce new trends and solutions to the market.