Meet Cadica’s new logo

August 2016

Meet Cadica’s new logo. Leaving out the simple blue plaque, there is room to breathe and becomes lighter.  We are forever inspired by the world of fashion, a merging of elegance and cleanliness, where white space is not a void but a ‘vacuum design’.

INTO DETAILS does not just mean ‘attention to detail.’  It invokes the intimate structure of matter.  An explicit and strong suggestion asking for a treatment of a ‘logo’, able to live independently and be recognizable. O and D are not longer letters, but rather forms.  Morph into a textile element: a seam, a metallic finish, A DETAIL.

The inspiration comes from the observation of Cadica’s portfolio of exquisite trims, of finishes that make each project unique and recognizable, like in the world of fashion.

INTO DETAILS is more than a product, more than a service. It means to realize a tailoring job paying attention to each minimum detail.

CADICAGROUP Srl - Via dell'Agricoltura, 51/C, 41012 Carpi (MO), Italy - VAT IT03508840364
a Cognita Design production
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