Marangoni Institute – Milan 2018

The first initiative coming from the PERICO-LO CREATIVO project is the result of a collaboration between Cadica, A + A Designstudio and the Fashion Institute Marangoni Milan.

Starting from the study of trend season SS20 made by A + A and after a visit to the creative studio in Milan and its trendbook library, we asked students to develop and create trend books using archives of images, fabrics, materials and drawings.

Two classrooms were divided in working groups for 5 inspiration themes, that the students have chosen to develop starting from simple moodboards, which the A + A Art Director Mrs Isabelle Caltot had evaluated to indicate how to proceed to create the final trendbooks.

The Cadica Team participated from the first meeting to look for their ‘Creative Dangers’, the student who best stood out in the project by using leather materials in the trendbook. Cadica provided leather waste from its own creative lab, and then evaluated how the students would sew, transform, and assemble them.

After many interesting and stimulating meetings, always in contact with fresh and extra-ordinary ideas, the students presented the finished trendbooks and have been individually evaluated.

For us and A + A too, it was interesting to see how this young students were able to express emotions, passion and strong creativity. We fed back suggestions on how to improve their work and be prepared for their future job projects.

A + A has chosen its ‘winners’ offering them a stage in the Milan studio for an image research and material manipulation; while the award of our’ Warming up Creativity’ was awarded to 3 girls who have distinguished themselves for the use of leather materials, and for their decisive and fascinating way of presenting their researches:

Mayra Romano, Judith Griga, Feng Fan, who received our Cadica apron to be wear during the experience dedicated to winners:

1 day in the tannery to see the process and treatments on leather products

+1 day in the creative leather lab to (re) create the articles presented in their moodboards. We will replicate them and then we will insert them in the next Cadica collection

+1 day in Cadica for collection pages creations

We would like to thank the professors, the Institute and all people form Cadica and A + A team for their collaboration, which made this first intent of ‘Creative Danger’ possible.

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