Long Live the Youth

Initiatives to support youth education

In Cadica, we understand the importance of the inputs and skills that new generations bring to dynamic and innovative companies like ours.

For this reason, we believe it is right to share the expertise and mastery of our experienced staff with the younger assets, thus creating a flowing exchange of knowledge, ideas and creativity.

We have been actively supporting the training of young people with internships and courses at renowned schools of Design of international relevance.

Throughout the years, Cadica promoted and organized many initiatives to support youth education.

We illustrated our world to students in schools and faculties of the fashion industry, explaining them how to follow the design and development of the labelling by means of graphic and product research.

Thanks to internships and scholarships sponsored by Cadica, several students were given the opportunity to work in different departments of our company; some of them were personally involved in the creation of collection capsules, others followed original projects that required a great deal of creativity, and still others wrote their dissertation on our institution.

The masterpieces that adorn the main corridor of the company head office are the results of a contest promoted by Cadica to appreciate young talents, who were able to transform our products – mainly labels and hangtags – into fascinating sculptures.

Cadica’s purpose to give value and new opportunities to young workers shows through in the many young men and women that started their career with us.

We are currently organizing training courses focused on the single job positions, to offer these assets the chance to grow and take up their specialization.

The ultimate aim is to create a working environment that is exciting and up with the times, and instill in the young people the confidence and the importance that our company bestows on them.

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