Sustainable supply chain

The Group is provided with a supply chain fully traceable offering sustainable and certified products.


Firms within the Group have always invested in Research and Development in order to provide their customers with the most innovative products.


The Group includes specific production sites with different expertise and with cross functional skills. An high quality standard is guaranteed an efficient production process.

Larger creativity proposal

The group design team is able to propose creative and unique solutions according to the customer’s requirements.


The overall group turnover accounts for €100m. The increased size is valuable for our clients who will be dealing with a more solid and trustworthy market player.

Global logistic platform

The group platform responds to clients increasing need for global distribution and quality of service being present in: Italy, Turkey, Tunisia, China, Hong Kong, India and Romania.

Webshop & Logistic

Long-lasting client relationships on the back of a superior service in terms of reliability, global logistic platform and dedicated customer support.

Consulting & Services

Historical focus on Luxury and Premium segments, serving over 1000 Brands made of world renowned fashion houses exposed to global luxury markets



A careful Suppliers Selection Process, to offer products that comply with specific regulatory requirements, meet the Group’s ethical and sustainability values increasing the overall traceability along the entire supply chain.



Made in Italy and global production network is partially outsourced and fully controlled over the production process to guarantee high-quality standards. Focus on Intra-Group purchase of products to improve customer service by reducing the wait time from the order to the delivery of product, while enabling the creation of synergies and efficiencies to ensure the Group’s competitiveness.



An international logistics network that leverages on the proximity to customers to enhance flexibility, reduce costs and environmental impacts related to transportation.

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