Collection Spring – Summer 2019

Cadica’s new Spring/Summer 2019 collection marks a turning point for the company in terms of colour and material choices thanks to input from A+A, the Milan fashion and design trend firm taken over by Cadica in July 2017.

With premises worldwide, Cadica is the Italian leader and one of the globally most innovative companies for the production of labels, hang-tags, patches, badges and packaging for major international fashion brands – unique and exclusive products that channel a brand’s distinctive values and boost awareness, always in step with fashion.

Starting this year, Cadica is expanding its offer with a collection that embraces multifaceted of colours, styles and influences – to satisfy the tastes of its diverse targets and win over new ones, all without sacrificing tradition.

The new Cadica collection is the result of major investment in research into materials and innovative technology, and draws inspiration from trends and cultures of varying origin.

A+A Design Studio’s 10 trend publications greatly inspired this collection: Very Gentlemen for the Master collection, Ladylike Textile for the Donna collection, Vibe for the Active collection, Dude for the Casual-Denim and Beachwear ones, and Home for Homewear. This huge creative legacy enables us to stand out even more and create a truly unique and unanticipated collection.

Cadica’s innovations for Spring / Summer 2018 feature a diversified weave thanks to the introduction of a new loom that, with its innovative technology, produces extremely high definition fabrics with a high thread count per centimetre – all without forgoing optimum lightness. The end result is labels woven in multicolour that are so fine they seem printed.

Another new idea lies in an innovative use of colour. Cadica has always adopted colour for its Denim collection and the more casual ones, predominantly male or unisex. Today, alongside the timeless classics of “Denim Cadica Style”, we are offering a line of coloured labels that are woven, paper-printed and even in leather, revolutionary for the sector.

Once coloured, the leather is subjected to traditional natural processing methods of waxing, brushing and washing to give it a luxury and natural appearance. The thicknesses are sprayed in contrasting colours as taught by the great French and Italian leather craftsmen.

The ladies’ collection is enhanced by more feminine and sophisticated details and consists in a lingerie line, a crisp and colourful seaside line and a homewear line. Finally, the active collection features new metal processing and accessories, with special colours for women engaging in sports activities.

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