Published on 28 June 2018

Innovation Nest

Innovation Nest is a collection of projects about technological innovation in which Cadica has always invested and in which it continues to believe.
This kind of project involves innovative research and development activities through the use of technologically advanced tools.
In an increasingly digital context which allows end users browsing the web to select their preferences.

Cadica offers advanced platforms to explore this new channel and supports its customers as they collect data and information. In this way using simple technologies Brands can
interact strategically with their customers.

Innovation Nest projects are constantly in development and will be continuously updated. We are always searching for the latest innovations in all sectors and not just in fashion. We adapt
the latest technological trends to our products and accessories.
We continue to experiment not only in products and materials, but also in collaboration with future developments. We create synergy with industry experts from the world of fashion.

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