CADICAGROUP BEYOND: the first label in the stratosphere

CADICAGROUP BEYOND  is expression of the way we are, think and plan. We constantly look beyond what is known to us – beyond time and space – and we go ahead, led by our curiosity, enthusiasm, passion and the desire to take on new challenges.

CADICAGROUP BEYOND is the latest challenge taken on by CADICAGROUP, an Italian leading company in the manufacture of labels, hangtags and packaging for the fashion industry, who chose space as a showcase for its products.

The Beyond project represents the constant research and the intent of “going beyond”, a journey where craftsmanship meets with new technologies and materials. “It summarizes what the core of Cadicagroup working style is – a fusion of skillful artistry and technological research,” says Loretta Perico, CADICAGROUP art director.

What made this mission possible was the eagerness of Cadicagroup staff and the InZpace engineers, whose partnership made up the Beyond team.

These experts worked together in the building of a solid sky probe of the weight of 1.87 pounds, on which they applied a decorative card with the word ‘Beyond’ written and signed by CadicaGroup Art Director. Inside the payload was a package containing woven labels created by the company designers and displaying the brand name of customers, who will be later receiving them as gifts.

Beside the package with the company project, the probe carried a Raspberry Pi – a computer that gathered radio-transmitted data on its position, temperature and atmospheric pressure through several sensory detectors – as well as four cameras, a high-contrast LCD screen and a smartphone.

The launch took place at 10.58 am in Mirador del Valle in Toledo, Spain, on January 24th, while a remote-controlled drone filmed the event step-by-step.

The probe, held by a cord of the length of 30 meters, was carried aloft by a weather balloon and reached a stratospheric height of 24.500 mt at a speed of 17.3 km/h.

After flying up for 85 minutes, the capsule started its descent with the help of a small parachute and landed near Villanuevas de Bogas, 33 km east from the launch site.

“The Beyond capsule has endured a temperature of minus 76° Fahrenheit in the stratosphere and powerful winds blasting at 290 km/h” states Andrea Carnevali, CEO of Cadicagroup. “The electronic system worked flawlessly and we received data on the position and temperature of the module throughout its flight. It was exciting to ‘hear the voice’ of our labels from the stratosphere”.


Launch Date: 24-Jan-2016 h.10.58.06

Launch Site: Mirador del Valle (Toledo) Spain

Flight Duration: 114 min 09 sec

Mean ascent speed: 17,3 km/h (4.8 m/s)

Mean descent speed: 50.6 km/h (14.1 m/s)

Balloon Weight: 600 gr

Payload Weight:  850 gr

Helium Used: 2.8 cu m

The maximum horizontal speed of 291.6 km/h is reached at 14.799 m.

The maximum ascent speed of 26.7 km/h is reached at 12118m and the maximum descent speed of 95.1 Km/h corresponds to the limit velocity reached at 24.068 m in 400 meters of free fall after the explosion of the balloon.

Landing Site: Villanuevas de Bogas, 33 km east from the launch site.

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