Big things often have small beginnings – The Ethical Choice by Cadica

To give life to our The Ethical Choice project we would like to share with you that Cadica has done some small changes in its company rules, that will make a little but important difference in terms of sustainability.

These choices are not only reasons of pride and prestige of Cadica in terms of image, but also important as ethical message for everyone.

From today you will find the new water dispenser, connected directly to the purified water. We can use all this free and precious service (but without waste or excess of use), so we eliminate the consumption of plastic bottles and paper cup using personal water bottles.

We will maintain water bottles in the machines, that will have lightly cost increase due to right ethical reasons:

  • the bottles are made with 50% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable
  • each bottle of WAMI water in fact contributes to water projects in poor villages. When a community receives water, everything changes: health conditions, food availability, education and the local economy.
  • Wami is constantly trying to minimize the impact of bottling and distribution and they plant trees in Italy

Do you know that..?

Cadica will promote all activities that aim to reduce the use of plastic and allow recycling. With this philosophy we have replaced every corporate items with solutions that are recyclable, biodegradable, organic or zero waste:

  • Our shipping envelopes will be in bioplastic
  • recycled paper and FSC for sheets, business cards
  • at the shows the water bottles will be in cardboard bricks
  • recycled and compostable lunch kits (placemats, napkins,  plates, cups..)
  • For each collected Euro for one of our gadgets we will support a reforestation project planting new trees, this is possible thanks to international initiatives on Tree-Nation

Our Ethical project has already begun, you too can make your Ethical Choice!

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