Augmented Reality


Cadica starts to fill the Innovation Nest with the Augmented Reality (AR+) project, through the animation of the logo with two young avatars that represent our main topics: fashion and product. The cute girl Akila will be the ambassador of fashion events, style and trends, while the modern guy Ryo will be the expert of new materials and innovative products. These two personalities are the result of an innovative research and our intention to give a new technological spirit to our projects.

The world of augmented reality has always fascinated and intrigued our team and now we have made it part of our offer, proposing it as a new way to tell a story, a product novelty or to ‘give away’ extra content for brand consumers.

To explain our customer in the best way the benefits that this fun technology can offer, we have launched our animation.

By framing the AR label created only for augmented reality technology, it is possible to see our avatars animated. You need to think about this new idea applied on your brands to customize labels, tags, packaging and attracting customers with animated effects, able to tell, play and interact, changing over time and increasing fidelity.

Cadica is able to follow its customers from the design of these innovative products, providing assistance and suggesting the best solutions for their product’s creation: all this is possible thanks to the strong collaborations established with professionals in the sector, who have made this ‘reality’ possible!

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