An eye-catching label can be achieved through traditional weaving techniques, using looms and yarns able to create unique products. It becomes a part of the textile it is applied to, so there is no risk of it going unnoticed. Cadica is proud to present their labels (created with a shuttle loom, selvedge, hot-cut and high-definition).

  • cadica_cover_label
  • Cadica_label_EricDewson_2160x1260
  • Cadica_label_cara-Brooks_2160x1260
  • cadica_label_ED0125748
  • cadica_label_ED0124702
  • cadica_label_ED0122786
  • cadica_label_ED0122155
  • cadica_label_ED0122020
  • cadica_label_ED0116333
  • cadica_label_ED0124702
  • cadica_label_ED0122808
  • cadica_label_ED_0115186
  • cadica_labels_bc_newyork
  • cadica_label_EA0119066
  • cadica_label_ED0125958
  • cadica_label_EA0117955
  • cadica_label_cypre