Published on 27 June 2018


Cadica is proud to present to you the new Ethical Choice Collection.
The Cadica Ethical Choice collects products created with sustainable materials and techniques, but also through the ability to implement particular technologies to achieve a sustainable process for the environment and society. You will find in our collection original ideas designed for sustainable accessories and each one belongs to the following category, characterized by a specific symbol:
-Use of natural or organic raw materials

Natural and organic fabrics, non-toxic dyes, recycled and biodegradable materials, zero-impact processes, as well as giving equal opportunities to local activities. We are proud of our choices and we are ready to work together with our customers, towards a more ethical and sustainable fashion.
We also support projects outside of Cadica, some of them only just starting out and others that have been already launched; we try to create connections with other sectors, exposing ourselves to new projects and involving our partners in these activities.


To surprise you, we have chosen to use a particular paper as a base for the Ethical Choice collection, a unique paper, created with a sustainable process: it comes from the recycling of polyester and cotton labels directly from our sample’s waste. Its name is RECYCLABEL.
RECYCLABEL is made of seasonal plants cellulose; cotton, hemp and linen that are the most valuable and that give the maximum guarantee of durability, allowing us also to reduce and hopefully one day eliminate deforestation.
We have personally delivered the discarded labels to the paper factory and assisted in the process where the labels are macerated and recomposed only with plant glues and water. We can say that beautiful collection pages have been created with a minimal environmental impact, reusing labels that would have been thrown away and allowing them to have a ‘second life’.
This solution can be personalized together with each customer, creating unique pieces through labels and fabric waste. New ideas can be developed for corporate cards, hangtags and much more, all with a sustainable approach and the quality of Italian craftsmanship.

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